brand new is our new brand

While our homes are brand new, our history is anything but.

Warmington Residential traces its roots to 1926 when the very first Warmington company built custom residences for movie stars and some of the world’s most celebrated personalities. Over the years, the various Warmington companies applied that same custom-like craftsmanship when building brand new production homes. This paved the way for expansion during the postwar building boom and beyond. Today, more than 95 years later, Warmington Residential still draws on this heritage as we build brand new homes for some very important people: You.

We take great pride in knowing that many Warmington-built homes still dot the landscape throughout California and resale home ads often boast of being a “Warmington.” Yet, we understand that there is just something about a brand new home. Fresh, efficient, stylish, new. This is our legacy and we’ve built a reputation on it. We are proud to have one of the oldest brand new brands around.

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Buying Your Home

For most of us, the home buying process includes securing financing in the form of a mortgage.

We understand that this process can be more complicated and less fun than shopping for your new home, but realize it is every bit as important and will greatly influence your overall purchase experience. With this in mind, we are committed to helping you get early pre-approval and understanding your options.

Green Living

Higher performance, lower maintenance, less impact.

Warmington Residential takes great pride in the quality of its homes, and we believe that high quality and increased efficiency are one in the same. We understand that quality today is measured not just in wood and nails, but in SEER1 and HERS2 ratings, kilowatts saved, and impressive durability. That is why we are proud to offer homes that incorporate the latest in energy- and money-saving amenities. Homes that include the latest features not only take advantage of the most current technology and materials but also conserve water and other precious resources and improve indoor air quality. Oftentimes they require less maintenance, contributing to a higher quality of life. Because today’s new homes are constructed and filled with the latest features and technology, they are about 30% more efficient than a typical resale home, giving them a distinct advantage over older homes.*

*Source: U.S. Department of Energy.

Warmington Homeowners

You can rest assured that providing outstanding customer service is a number one priority.

We are committed to responding to your request for service in as quickly as possible and working hard to ensure your satisfaction. Please use the Customer Service Request form below to contact us via email at any time for all non-emergency custom service requests.


Having access has its advantages

Warmington has long been a broker-friendly builder and we rely upon and appreciate the partnerships we have forged with a network of real estate professionals. At all of our new home neighborhoods we welcome brokers and their agents and pay commissions. We strive to offer new homes and neighborhoods that you will be proud to present to your clients.

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Discover employment opportunities within the Warmington group of companies! Click here to view a list of positions that may be available in your area. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. For general employment information, please contact Human Resources.