East Cove Cottages

New Single Family Homes in Encinitas, CA
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New Single Family Homes
in Encinitas, CA

3 - 4 Beds / 2.5 Baths / 1,760 - 2,140 Sq. Ft.
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Come sea how good life can be 

East Cove Cottages has arrived in Encinitas. It’s got big beach energy, a seaside state of mind, and it's funky in a good way. It calls to those who want to enjoy the good life, where living well means salt in the air and a little sand here and there. When you discover it, you might think you’ve found a treasure. You wouldn’t be wrong. East Cove Cottages is that good.

Here, the vibe is super chill. You will feel right at home, right from the start. This fresh collection of brand new homes has it all. The features and floorplans you want. The architecture you will love. A charming neighborhood that just a few will call home. And Design Curated Interiors that are totally epic. Oh, and the kitchens! You can finally have the one you've always dreamed of. You just have to unpack and settle in. Then hit the beach. Ride the wave. Welcome home!

Visit eastcovecottages.com for more information and full details. 

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Curated Interiors

Design Curated Interiors invite you to get a designer-perfect brand new home, effortlessly.

At East Cove Cottages, Warmington Residential offers you a simple approach to stylizing your home. Our designers have gathered all of the best interior elements into distinctive color schemes that include cabinetry, countertops, fixtures and more. Based on the most current interior design trends, we are including not only colors but textures and materials that combine perfectly and ensure that your new home is a reflection of your sense of style and taste. They offer a lovely complement to the array of included features and serve as the foundation for your vision of the perfect brand new home. From here, you can expand and personalize with your own furnishings and accessories and truly make it your own.

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Hours of Operation

Opening Summer 2022