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SEASIDE HIGHLANDS: Think You’ve Got a Good Reason to Buy Now? We’ve Got 50,000!


Okay, okay…you’ve been listening, paying attention, and weighing your options.  Are you convinced yet that it really is a good time to buy a new home? You’ve waited long enough!

If you are serious about buying, you should seriously consider this: Your opportunities are excellent and most experts agree that today’s buyers will likely get all the gain with little or no pain. You are in an enviable position!

Outstanding prices that have been dramatically reduced over the past few years, crazy low interest rates that make your monthly costs of ownership more affordable, and many eager sellers who want your business ~ these are a few of the advantages you currently enjoy as a ready, willing and able new home buyer.  But wait, there is more…50,000 more reasons to buy now at Seaside Highlands in Encinitas.

This may be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ve been waiting for! These homes, this location, the special values….everything adds up.  Finally you’ve found it. Your patience has paid off. Congratulations.

Seaside Highlands in Encinitas