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Meet Richard Tripp


The journey to Ridgehaven in Las Vegas has been a “Tripp” down memory lane for this new home buyer.

For Richard Tripp, buying his brand new home this spring at Ridgehaven by Warmington Residential in Southwest Las Vegas really brought him full circle. The very first home he purchased with his wife, Peggy, in 1977, when the couple was in their 20’s, was a Warmington home in Tustin, CA, which he recalls vividly and with great enthusiasm.

“It was approximately April 2nd, 1977 that we moved into The Colony and I still remember our address on Regis Way!” he reminisced. “My son was born in that house, which was purchased in part using Reserve Oil and Gas stock given to me by my grandmother. In our late 20’s, Peggy and I were the ‘kids’ on the block as most of our neighbors back then were closer to my age now.”
The Tripps lived on Regis Way at The Colony for 13 years before trading up to a bigger home on a golf course with a nearly one acre homesite in Temecula, CA, where they lived for 24 years. An avid golfer (he says he’s a “frustrated duffer”) he’d always wanted to live near a golf course. He’d been a tennis player and tennis pro, but during these years worked as a commercial real estate broker and a Certified Financial Planner, while Peggy was a school teacher.

With their son, Steven, growing up, Richard and Peggy ultimately sold their big home and moved back to Orange County. During this time something else happened to Richard as his son went off to college leaving what he says was a big hole in his life. With his own mother’s prodding, Richard became a Big Brother and would spend the next 15 years mentoring a disadvantaged and disabled young man, and was ultimately named Orange County Big Brother of the Year and California Big Brother of the Year in 2013. His little brother, Julio, whom he met when he was just 7 years old, worked hard and received a scholarship and is graduating from college this year, becoming one of Richard’s proudest moments.

One of his saddest came in 2016 when he lost his wife of nearly 41 years to cancer. Before she left, she told Richard to follow his dream and go to Vegas. He’d always loved the desert, they’d traveled together to Las Vegas often and liked the excitement of the city, but Peggy did not like the summer heat. It took him about a year and a half before he decided to take Peggy’s advice.

Not knowing it was a Warmington-built neighborhood, Richard found his way to Ridgehaven. He knew he wanted to be in the Southwest; has a fondness for Red Rock Casino, Resort & Spa, and as a golfer he very much enjoys Spanish Trails Country Club and plans to become a member. Plus, the 215 Beltway is super convenient, allowing him to get anywhere in the city within just minutes.

“I was standing in the sales office and I noticed a video playing and it said ‘Warmington’ and it was all about its long history and roots in the LA area. So I asked the sales representative, Christy Jordan, and she confirmed it was the same builder!” The two bonded over that and Richard shared his story and pictures of that first home on Regis Way and they both got a kick out of the unexpected twist. And it just so happened that Richard really liked the Laurel, Plan 2 at Ridgehaven and that the neighborhood was so close to Summerlin that he could enjoy all the perks with none of the added HOA costs and fees. He was sold and signed on the dotted line to purchase his second Warmington home 41 years after he’d purchased the first.

Richard says he really liked the Plan 2 with its defined living spaces that includes a great room that he uses as a traditional dining room. He liked the model home so much that he upgraded his home to include the same open stair system that leads to the loft. In his words, it’s very “dramatic and opens the space up, much like a custom home.”

After previously living in a Warmington home, he says he appreciates the workmanship, fine quality of the Warmington properties, and its professional employees. “My sales representative, Christy Jordan was top notch, and Quincy Redic, the construction superintendent was superb,” he said. “What quality individuals they are and great representatives for the company.” Richard also worked with Tiffany Antheaume at Warmington’s interior design firm of choice, Chateau Interiors & Design, who offered great insight as he worked to finalize his interior selections and upgrades. “I relied on Tiffany’s input so much since this was the first time I’d done this without Peggy.”

Today, Richard is tripping around his new hometown of Las Vegas where he’s been joined by his son and brother. While he says that Tustin, CA, will always be home, “I grew up there!” he’s loving his new Warmington home and life in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada! He thinks Vegas has come into its own and has turned into a thriving metropolitan city like Scottsdale or even Chicago. He returns to The OC regularly to see friends but when he arrived on a recent morning and was met with the region’s familiar “June gloom” he knew he’d made the right choice. “I thrive on warm weather…bright mornings, balmy evenings….” Welcome to Las Vegas, Mr. Tripp.



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