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REVISED! Want to Raise Funds for Supplies at Bozarth? Check Out How Easy We’re Making it!


Check In at Bozarth!Show Your School Spirit by ‘Checking In’ at Bozarth and Earn Dollars for Supplies.

Oopsy! We realized that Facebook updated its promotion guidelines in May and that our ‘First Day of School Photo Contest’ didn’t quite pass muster.

Oh no! We really want to raise funds for supplies at Bozarth Elementary so we are not giving up, we are just going to make it EASIER. While we welcome you to upload your cutest, best, smartest, most amazing first day of school photos until your heart’s content; we won’t be requiring that you do or counting “Likes.”

Bozarth Elementary SchoolInstead, all you have to do is “Check In” from Bozarth Elementary School and we will donate dollars toward supplies. For every Check In Bozarth receives between Monday, August 29th and Monday, September 5th, we will donate $1 to the school’s principal (up to $500!) so he can buy supplies for the school’s teachers, students and staff. Tell everybody!

Click here to visit Bozarth Elementary School’s Facebook Page.


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Second Annual Facebook Photo Contest Will Raise Funds for Supplies at Bozarth Elementary in Las Vegas


Fans of Warmington at Northern Terrace on Facebook can help raise funds that will be donated to the school for supplies — just by participating.

Warmington's Northern Terrace

Can you beat that smile? You can try!

With the first day of school set for this Monday, August 29th, Warmington Residential Nevada is launching a Facebook Photo Contest and is asking participants who have children attending Bozarth Elementary School to post their cutest or best First Day of School photos, along with the name of their child’s teacher. The photo that gets the most “Likes” will be deemed the winner and that child’s teacher will get $250 to use for school supplies and classroom materials.

Plus, $1 for every photo and $1 for every “Like” up to $250 will given to the school’s principal for additional materials and supplies.

The contest starts Monday, August 29th and will continue through Labor Day Weekend.

“We think this will be a fun and simple way to support Northern Terrace’s local elementary school,” said Amy Thill, a representative from Warmington Residential Nevada. “Bozarth Elementary is an important part of our community and we are excited to be hosting our 2nd Annual First Day of School Photo Contest. Last Year it was a great success and we had a lot fun. We are hoping that once again, the donation of school supply funds will help the students and staff have a really great year.”

Visit Warmington at Northern Terrace’s Facebook page now!