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Earth Day 2011: “What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” — Henry David Thoreau


If you are not keen on global warming, go global WARMINGTON instead!

Well, we are not really global but we do offer a selection of homes throughout California and the Las Vegas area of Nevada that incorporates a variety of energy and resource efficient features and appointments. Plus, our design affiliate Chateau Interiors & Design has a huge variety of green products and features that are available for purchase, allowing you to create a more healthy and sustainable home environment.

Do you know that even without adding extras and spending more to ‘green’ your home that new homes in general are more efficient than older homes, even homes that were built as little as 5 years ago? Codes are stricter, technology is advancing, builders are increasingly responding to consumer demand for more efficiency in their new homes, and green products are widely available thanks to all of these things. This means that when you buy a new home today, you get a lot of built in advantages, whether you want to save the earth or simply protect your pocketbook through reducing the cost of your utilities.



A ‘Green’ Foundation Starts at Warmington’s Northern Terrace in Providence in Las Vegas


We hear a lot about ‘green’ these days. But what does that really mean? At Warmington, it’s a way of referring to the features, appointments, technologies, materials, and practices that contribute to our brand new homes being more energy and resource efficient and offering better indoor air quality in some cases.

Whether you are looking for a more efficient home, like the idea of saving money every month on utilities or have a greater concern for the overall environment, rest assured that our included ‘green’ features at Northern Terrace provide a solid foundation for a more efficient home environment.

These features are INCLUDED in our homes at Northern Terrace and there are many opportunities to add other ‘green’ features and even decorator items like flooring, paint and more through Chateau Interiors & Design as upgrades. See your sales representative for more information.

While this list of features is specific to Northern Terrace, we want you to know that we are committed to building more energy and resource efficient homes in every community we build. The list may vary from neighborhood to neighborhood and even from state to state, but in each case, Warmington is very pleased to offer a variety of INCLUDED green features at all of its new communities and we hope to add even more as demand and acceptance for these important features continues to grow.

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