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Local Preschool Enjoys an Outing at Warmington’s New Seaside Highlands Neighborhood in Encinitas


Eyes were wide with amazement recently as a group of local preschoolers came for a guided tour of our construction site and got up an up close view of a bulldozer, backhoe, loader, excavator, water truck and more!

Like Handy Manny or Bob the Builder come to life, a group of preschool age children got an opportunity recently to learn about a real life construction site.  Warmington superintendent, Chuck Isbell, invited  the group of three-, four- and five-year-olds, their teachers and parents to Seaside Highlands for a day of learning and fun recently. Isbell is on site in Encinitas daily and makes it part of his ritual to see the school’s principal —  just to check in and make sure the construction activity is not a source of disruption. Sensing there was much interest and a lot of curiosity about the work Warmington is doing there (big trucks, loud noises and dirt — yes!!)  he decided to invite the whole group over for a tour of the site after he gave an in-class presentation explaining what all the big machines were and how they are used.  It became a field trip and a really exciting learning opportunity for the kids and their families. We had a GREAT day. What fun it was!